Zoom @rapunzel09 - payment plan

@rapunzel09 - payment plan

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$367 total including $12 shipping

Smokey quartz cluster $230

Tourmaline with Feldspar $10

Tourmaline with Feldspar $10

Calcite $38

Star ruby sapphire $32

Calcite with strontianite $35 

Terms and Conditions

  • Payment plan is FINAL - Cancellations will not be accepted. PLAN AHEAD.
  • Payments made are NON REFUNDABLE. If the final amount is not payed by the end due date (dec 7th) the payment plan will be cancelled and you will not receive the product or a refund on any payments made. BE 100% CERTAIN TO WHAT YOU ARE COMMITTING TO!
  • Items on the payment plan will be shipped once the full amount has been paid
  • Items on our payment plan do not qualify for free shipping. A flat rate of $12 will be added

These terms and conditions have been implemented to ensure only serious customers are using this service.

By choosing to use our private payment plan you are agreeing to the above.

@rapunzel09 - payment plan



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