Crystal Meanings



Hold tight to this babe during times of stress and anxiety and call on its calming energy to help release any toxic emotions.  Known as the stone of truth, the Amazonite crystal is an excellent manifestation tool, especially when using its energy in your daily meditation. Be sure to set your intentions prior to your meditation and repeat them aloud on a daily basis with your Amazonite crystals in hand. You can further magnify your intentions by combining the stone with daily powerful affirmations, such as “I can achieve anything I set my mind to do”. Meditate with Amazonite crystal and be guided by its powerful message – sometimes you have to lose your mind to find yourself.

Amazonite benefits are believed to include:

  • Relief of stress and anxiety
  • Emotional support during times of healing
  • Removal of negative or confusing emotions
  • Openness to new opportunities
  • Freedom to express thoughts and feelings 



One of the most essential stones to have in your collection, the amethyst crystal is the perfect little all-healer. This beauty is not only a natural stress reliever which encourages strength, peace, spiritual growth and intuition, but it also attracts positive energy while clearing out negative energy. Known as the stone of spiritual protection and purification, amethyst works to create a shield of spiritual bright light around the body, acting as a barrier against low energies, psychic attack, stress and negativity.

Amethyst benefits are believed to include:

  • Improved mental focus and creativity
  • Higher vibrations to connect with your higher consciousness
  • Healing, protecting and cleansing of Spirit
  • Boosting your intuition to connect with your angels
  • Weight loss, hormone balance and stress relief

Amethyst Chevron


Combining the power of the Amethyst stone with the strength of the White Quartz stone, the Amethyst Chevron crystal becomes an amazingly spiritual little gem! This little beauty is said to not only enhance peace of mind, relaxation and inner strength, but it also repels negative energy and creates a strong healing energy for those who use it. With a magical ability to cleanse the aura and deepen the meditative state to those who incorporate the Amethyst Chevron into their meditation practices, this crystal has the ability to amplify the energies needed for manifestation. 

Amethyst Chevron benefits are believed to include:

  • Enhancing relaxation and inner strength
  • Promoting positivity to bring peace, insight and calmness whilst repelling negativity
  • Encourages growth toward spiritual enhances
  • Promotes sleep in insomnia sufferers



Using their strong healing energies, the Ametrine crystals will help it's owner to release negativity from their aura while enhancing mental and spiritual clarity. A combination of Amethyst and Citrine, think of this babe as the yin/yang of crystals, uniting both masculine and feminine energies.

Ametrine benefits are believed to include:

  • Amplifies the energy of the vibration of Amethyst and Citrine stones
  • Activating the crown chakra for inspiration
  • Aids weight loss and helps release addictions 
  • Enhances focus and mental clarity



With its soothing shades of blue and its ability to calm you with just one touch, it's no wonder the Angelite crystal is known as the 'crystal of peace'. This beauty resonates peaceful energies which are perfect for calming the soul. That’s why the Angelite should be an essential part of your crystal collection! Using this babe in meditation, the Angelite, like it's name, can help to connect you with your angels to protect your body and opens up psychic channeling. It may also assist in stimulating the birth of your psychic abilities while aiding channeling and mediumship. Use Angelite with the intention of making contact with spirit guides.

Angelite benefits are believed to include:

  • Boosting your intuition to help connect to your angels
  • Helping to relieve tension, stress and anger
  • Promoting calming and peaceful energies
  • Aides forgiveness and stimulates healing
  • Protects you against negative energies in psychic channeling



Known as the Stone of Manifestation, this beauty can best be identified by its ability to help us build personal power and achieve our goals. Working to both clear our minds of confusion and negative thoughts while also stimulating it to expand our knowledge, the Apatite crystal is the perfect little gem to help us create our intentions and follow through with them. It's practical and grounding nature makes it the perfect stone for every day problem solving, while also increasing our energy. By carrying or wearing this crystal, our development of psychic ability and spiritual powers are enhanced, aiding in self-expression and the communication of our vision.

Apatite benefits are believed to include:

  • Help in setting intentions and manifesting your dreams
  • Cleansing your aura and grounding you
  • Enhancing your ability to explore your higher spiritual nature
  • Clearing negative thoughts
  • Enhancing psychic ability and spiritual powers



Best described as a personal spiritual advisor, the Apophyllite stone works to raise your vibration. This babe is the perfect stone to relieve the feelings of anxiety, fear and worry within you, by instead replacing them with a created calmness and joy. It works by absorbing all negative thoughts and habits and allows you to approach your problems in a productive way. To absorb the benefits of the Apophyllite crystal, sit quietly with the stone for at least ten minutes and allow it to take away the worries and stresses that you cannot share out loud. Raising your spirits and energizing your body, the Apophyllite can also help to open you up to spiritual awakening.

Apophyllite benefits are believed to include:

  • Relieving anxiety, fear and worry
  • Eliminating negative thoughts
  • Creating productive and positive habits and patterns
  • Raising your spiritual vibration



The stunning Aquamarine crystal provides an extraordinarily light energy - one that is able to heighten courage, stimulate clear communication with the Divine or Spirit Guides, and heal your heart of grief all at once. You definitely need to add this babe to your collection to help give you the courage to make some positive changes in your life! Not only does it encourage you to release any anger you are holding onto, but it is also a powerful aide to self-healing for those who are experiencing the process of grief and loss. The high vibrations of the Aquamarine will calm your grief and minimise your feelings of anger.

Aquamarine benefits are believed to include:

  • Increases your courage in everyday situations
  • Aides communication with the Divine
  • Assists those dealing with loss, grief, mourning, or emotional suffering
  • Reduces your stress and anger levels and encourages positive emotions



Encouraging a strong sense of determination, the Bloodstone gem is perfect to help you in regaining your personal power. Not only do they help you to build courage and strength of mind, but this babe will also boost your confidence and raise your self-esteem. With their strong metaphysical properties, the Bloodstone's vibration will help you find a deep sense of spirituality within yourself. The Bloodstone crystal can also help to balance the hormones in your body, making it a great conception and pregnancy aide.

Bloodstone benefits are believed to include:

  • Creating positive energy in the body, bringing your body to balance
  • Encouraging determination and strength of mind
  • Boosting confidence and self-esteem
  • Aiding pregnancy, fertility and conception

Blue Lace Agate


Bringing soothing and calming vibes to your energy, the Blue Lace Agate is the perfect crystal to help balance your emotions. Linked to the heart chakra, this babe has the ability to heal us by opening up our energy channels to unconditional love - the ultimate drug to soothe the soul! Using the energy of this stone will also boost your ability to communicate, especially the thoughts and the feelings that you receive from your subconscious and your higher self.

Blue Lace Agate benefits are believed to include:

  • Opening communication channels to boost your ability to express yourself
  • Help you release anger that may be stored from past experiences
  • Bring calmness and peace of mind to you, especially in stressful situations
  • Increases your confidence in public speaking or work meetings

Blue Calcite


With it's soothing blue tones and it's calming vibe, it's no surprise the Blue Calcite crystal is the perfect healing stone. Like other types of calcite, this babe will help to boost the flow of energy within your body, clearing negative vibes from its vicinity and allowing only positive vibes nearby. This gem is also perfect in aiding the development of your psychic gifts and enhancing your creativity. Resonating closely with the third eye chakra and the throat chakra, Blue Calcite is specifically beneficial to those wishing to enhance their psychic communication.

Blue Calcite benefits are believed to include:

  • Helps soothe nerves, release stress and reduce anxiety
  • Clears negative emotions and replaces bad vibes with positive energy
  • Aids psychic communication and allows you to express messages from your guides more clearly
  • Provides means for honest and open communication
  • Stimulates meaningful dreams and helps you remember them



A protective warrior stone & perhaps one of the strongest stones to alleviate feelings of self-doubt. The properties of Bronzite make it a wonderful stone to meditate with each day to inhale confidence, and exhale doubt. Keep this babe by your side for support when life brings you the biggest of challenges.

Clear Calcite (Optical Calcite)


Allowing  you to connect more deeply with your crown chakra, the Clear Calcite stone is perfect for those wanting to work on their spiritual growth. When used in daily meditation, this babe will help to clear away all negative energy and amplify positivity, specifically removing fear from your emotions and promoting optimism. Perfect for those who are in need of clarity in their lives, the Clear Calcite gem can help to amplify intentions and clear away any energy blockages, encouraging spiritual development.

Clear Calcite benefits are believed to include:

  • Improving the flow of energy through the body
  • Brings clarity to the mind
  • Increases spiritual awareness
  • Relieves migraines and helps with eye problems
  • Opens communication and promotes spiritual growth

Orange Calcite


Orange Calcite is a powerful healing stone which is also known as the stone of enhancement. This beauty hold energies which are known to repair, strengthen and protect your mind, body and soul, all the while healing emotional wounds. Energising and cleansing the lower chakras, the Orange Calcite stone possesses gentle energies which open and remove blockages in your vibration. They are also helpful in bringing balance to your emotions, healing any mental battles or past traumas.

Orange Calcite benefits are believed to include:

  • Removing any unwanted energy blockages 
  • Energising and cleansing your mind and body 
  • Bringing balance to your emotions 
  • Assisting to overcome any mental health issues 
  • Boosting the development of psychic abilities and intuition

Green Calcite


This babe is a strong healing crystal which is known for taking action to improve your health, including the emotional, spiritual, mental and physical areas. With a strong heart based energy that lies in the heart chakra, the Green Calcite crystal will help you in dealing with any emotional issues you may be facing while also stimulating compassion. The energy that this gem emits may assist you in releasing any worries or concerns that could be holding you back from your fullest potential. By helping you to forgive both yourself and others for past experiences, this crystal may aid you in creating some seriously beneficial changes in your life. 

Green Calcite benefits are believed to include:

  • Assistance in dealing with emotional issues 
  • Stimulates compassion and forgiveness 
  • Helps you to think creatively and improves memory 
  • Improves energy flow throughout the body

Red Calcite (Dragon’s Blood)


The energy provided by the Red Calcite crystal has the power to heal your soul, increase your energy and allow you to fully experience life. It is both a grounding and protective stone which will ensure your emotional energies are constantly kept safe from harm. This beauty has also been known as an excellent crystal to assist in balancing hormones, aiding women in fertility, pregnancy and childbirth.

Red Calcite benefits are believed to include:

  • Protecting your positive energy
  • Healing emotional wounds or trauma
  • Balances hormones to assist fertility, pregnancy and childbirth

Cobaltoan Calcite


Made up of love energy, the Cobaltoan Calcite crystal has the power to fill your heart with warmth and light. Opening up your heart chakra, this gem will help to release any buried emotions and encourage positive thinking. Also aiding in spiritual and emotional development, this babe will instantly lift your spirits up and leave you feeling happy and full of energy. Keep it nearby to remove any dullness in your room and lighten up your atmosphere. 

Cobaltoan Calcite benefits are believed to include:

  • Encourages calmness and relieves anxiety and stress 
  • Fills the heart with love and positivity
  • Helps you to find the beauty in every situation 
  • Balances yin/yang energies 

Mangano Calcite


Letting go of the past and accepting yourself with love is what this babe is all about. Mangano Calcite gems have a sweet and positive energy with a vibration that places its focus on love, compassion and forgiveness. Healing the grief or fear in your heart and replacing it with compassion, this stone will boost your feelings of self worth and your self-esteem. It is the perfect little gem for those who are wanting to release negative habits that have been holding them back from moving forward in their lives.

Mangano Calcite benefits are believed to include:

  • Amplifying healing and spiritual growth
  • Boosts compassion 
  • Aides forgiveness for others and towards self
  • Heals grief and reduces fear
  • Promotes self-love and increases your feelings of self-worth



Known as an action stone, Carnelian will give you the confidence and courage to move toward a new path in life. It does so by stimulating your ambition and motivation and aids you to clarify your goals, so you can find your best direction in life. Simultaneously, this babe will also protect you against jealousy and resentment, all the while boosting your fertility and sexuality. 

Carnelian benefits are believed to include:

  • Provides you with courage to take action
  • Maintains an improved flow of life force energy
  • Aids you in clarifying your goals to stay on the correct path
  • Inspires confidence and enhances creativity
  • Restores vitality and motivation
  • Boosts fertility and increases sexual desires





Emitting the most stunning shades of blue, the Canvasite gem is the perfect stone for transitions through major life changes. It works by helping you to let  go of negative thoughts and become comfortable with your actions. Facilitating clear communication of messages from your guides, this babe will enhance your ability to connect with Spirit. It will also help you gain an understanding of life lessons that you may have found challenging in the past.

Canvasite benefits are believed to include:

  • Helps to create deeper meditation 
  • Emits a high vibration to allow you to contact higher realms 
  • Enhances the development of your intuition 
  • Assists clearer communication with Spirit

Celestite / Celestine


Known for inviting angels into your space, the Celestite gem will foster your connection with the higher realms. It holds a gentle, uplifting energy which can relieve heavy moods of sadness and anxiety, while allowing you to feel the light of your spirit guides. Used properly in meditation, this babe will allow you to be fully present with your higher self and spirit guides, and the connection will allow you to focus on your next steps.

Celestite benefits are believed to include:

  • Aids mental clarity and sharpens your mind 
  • Creates a calming and uplifting mood 
  • Stimulates spiritual and psychic abilities 
  • Promotes emotional stability and cleanses your aura



The Charoite stone is a powerful gem, inspiring you to be of service to others and to Spirit. Its energy reaches out to you and enhances your psychic abilities so you may empower others. With a high vibration, this babe is highly protective, ensuring you are kept safe from psychic attack and negative energies. Helping your body to adjust to higher frequency energy, this stone is the perfect power crystal to merge your heart chakra with your crown chakra and create an atmosphere of unconditional love.

Charoite benefits are believed to include:

  • Inspiration to help others in need 
  • Protection against psychic attack
  • Assists your body in accepting higher frequency energy
  • Increases the flow of positive energy in your life



Inspiring you to express your truest thoughts, Chrysocolla will empower you to communicate in a clear and loving way. This babe works to open your throat chakra and will energise the words you speak so that they may aid emotional healing in others. Connecting your heart chakra to your throat chakra, this is the perfect gem for those wanting to initiate deeper, heart-felt communication.

Chrysocolla benefits are believed to include:

  • Inspires open and honest communication 
  • Empowers you to express yourself clearly and lovingly 
  • Energises your words so they may aide emotional healing within others 
  • Enhances calming and soothing emotions within you to help relieve stress and anxiety



The radiant green tones possessed by the Chrysoprase stone (also known as Green Chalecedony) makes it easy to understand how it can be used to attract new love, abundance and prosperity. Promoting emotions of happiness and joy, this babe works it's magic using the vibration of the Divine, helping to heal the heart of anxiety and depression. It will also help you to release any negative emotions associated with your ego or any harmful or toxic relationships.

Chrysoprase benefits are believed to include:

  • Attracts new and positive love and friendships 
  • Promotes positive emotions of love and forgiveness and heals the heart of negativity 
  • Aids to soothe feelings of depression and anxiety 



Also known as the maker of light, this beautiful yellow gem is able to create vibrant energy within its owner. Emitting prosperity and joy, the Citrine crystal infuses your spirit with positive energy which is a powerful tool for manifestation. Using the energy of this babe during meditation is a must! Not only can its healing effects be very effective in strengthening your mental output, but it can also help you to establish your goals.

Citrine benefits are believed to include:

  • Increased motivation
  • Increase of personal power and self-confidence
  • Removes blockages in your energy and allows for a smooth and positive flow
  • Relieves anxiety, fear or stress
  • Attracts wealth, prosperity and success

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