Free shipping on orders over $50 australia wide

build a box


General information 

We offer free shipping over $100 on all build a boxes (the total value value of box) 

We hold boxes for up to 4 weeks 

We are not responsible for keeping track of what is in your build a box or how much it is up to. 


How to get your build a box shipped:


Over $100 

Request to have your build a box shipped here: 



Under $100

If you would like you build a box shipped and it is under $100 total, here is a link to pay for the shipping:




Terms & Conditions 

1/ All items added to your build a box are final and non refundable
2/ Once an item is in your box it cannot be taken out
3/ Items MUST be paid for at time of purchase to be added to your box

4/ We the right to refund all build a box items if we deem appropriate